The privacy of the users of Real Money Slots is of upmost importance to us. We do our best to ensure that all information pertaining to those users is stored safely and used correctly at all times, as discussed in the following privacy policy.

Your Information

It is only on rare occasions that we will ask for your personal information, but when we do we’ll do our best to make sure it remains safe and secure at all times. We will also not sell or lease that information to any third parties.

What we ask for and what we do with it

As an affiliate website, we do not have much use for your information and therefore we very rarely ask for it. There are times when your information may be requested though, such as through contact forms. When you send us a question or a comment, we ask for your name and your email address, but we do this only so that we can personalise a response, and so we know where to send that response. Your IP address may also be logged on these contact forms, but this is of no use to us and is purely an automatic procedure generated by the contact form itself.

There may also be newsletter subscription forms, in which case your email address is of our primary concern, and we may also ask for your name. As with contact forms, this is only so we know what to call you and where to contact you, and you will never receive a newsletter or any other message from us unless you ask for it or agree to it.

At no point will we sell or lease your information to a third party, and at no point will anyone other than the owners of Real Money Slots be privy to that information. In the case of contact forms, your details will often be deleted after we have used them to respond to you, whereas email addresses and names pertaining to newsletter subscriptions will remain in our database so we can continue to send you updates, offers, competitions and other such information. We use highly secure servers and do our best to ensure that all data given to us by our readers is 100% safe and secure at all times.


Real Money Slots uses cookies and we do so because we believe that they benefit all of our readers.

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer and link our website to that computer. These can not be used to gain access to your computer, nor can they be used to download or upload any files. Cookies are there purely to improve your experience of our website, such as by telling our site which articles you have read and which ones you have not read, which allows them to point you to the unread articles. They work automatically and the data they send and receive is very small.

Our Affiliates

As an affiliate website, Real Money Slots earns money by providing links to other websites. Those links may come in the form of reviews or suggestions, and may be embedded in images, articles or in the form of direct links. Real Money Slots takes a small commission from the owners of these websites every time a user clicks-through and purchases a product or pays for a service.

We do not, however, have anything to do with these websites or the products or services that they offer, we also have no say in how they deal with the privacy of their users. Once a reader clicks a link from the Real Money Slots website onto one of our affiliates, then this privacy policy no longer applies. All of our affiliates have privacy polices of their own, which readers are advised to read once they click-through to one of those websites.


By reading this privacy policy and browsing the Real Money Slots website you are automatically giving your consent for all of the terms described herein. If you do not agree with any of the terms listed here then please close this webpage immediately.

If any changes are made to this privacy policy, then those changes will be immediately made, along with an amendment to the date shown below. For big changes we will do our best to contact our readers/members if possible, but no such action will be taken when the changes are minor, or when we do not have the contact details of those readers. By continuing to use this website after those changes are made, you are agreeing with them.

This privacy policy was last modified on: 4th Jan, 2015.


If you wish to contact Real Money Slots for any reason, whether to offer a suggestion, make a comment, ask a question or give us some feedback about this privacy policy or our website on the whole, then you can do so at the following email address: We welcome all feedback from our readers and will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

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