21 Sep

Forget Google Play, download Mobile Gambling Apps for Android from Betcade

Betcade launching Real Money Gambling App Service for AndroidEver since the outbreak of Android smartphones and tablets, now owned by Google, the parent company has maintained a strict stance against providing downloads for real-money mobile gambling apps. In the near future, Android users will no longer have to visit mobile sites to download their favorite poker and casino apps directly as Betcade is creating a new center just for mobile gaming applications.

Billed as “the

first dedicated apps store for real money gaming on Android”, Betcade’s new service is being developed to benefit both operators and players.

For operators, Betcade promises to provide a “single, branded destination for gaming app distribution and management.” For players, the company ensures the deliverance of “a trusted app for gaming app discovery, download and management.”

The heads of the app engine have vowed to use precise discretion in hand-picking which mobile gambling apps are and are not suitable for its download directory. Betcade emphasizes “responsible gaming monitoring, limits and controls”, only promoting operators with a similar vision and safeguards in place to prove it.

Based out of Pasadena, California, Betcade is expected to launch the mobile gambling app service sometime in 2016, although it will only be available in regions where iGaming is legally authorized, like the United Kingdom. The UK has much more affable laws pertaining to online and mobile gambling, whereas the company’s home country, the USA, still lacks any formal, federal regulations. Interactive gambling is currently legal in just three US states (Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey).

Betcade’s founder and CEO, David Chang, has plenty of experience in the field of real-money online and mobile wagering. Chang previously held the position of Chief Marketing Officer and head of industry relations with Gamblit Gaming, a technology firm that focuses on innovations in software for land-based and interactive gambling operators.

In his years of experience, Chang found that “People overwhelmingly prefer mobile apps over the browser experience.”

The Betcade founder explained in a statement, “The time spent in apps now surpasses the time spent in browsers. However, there is currently no efficient mechanism in place for discovery or distribution for real money apps the way that there is for every other app category.”

Once the new mobile gambling service launches, Chang said, “Betcade will also streamline the download, install, and updating of apps and remove payment friction resulting in an improved user experience.”

Trevor Fiatal, who previously served as Chief Technology Officer for Seven Networks, was so inspired by the startup firm that he joined Betcade’s founding team as Chief Technical Officer. “This is a remarkable opportunity to conquer some unique challenges and create an entire ecosystem, and I’m excited to join the Betcade team on this adventure,” said Fiatal.

Betcade is preparing to showcase the new real-money gambling app for Android at the G2E 2015 Global Gaming Expo, scheduled for September 29 to October 1 in at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Minimal Competition for Mobile Gambling Apps

The Apple iStore does offer real money gambling apps, unlike Google Play, but the company does nothing to rank or promote them, effectively sweeping them under the rug for consumers. Betcade is currently being developed as an Android service, where no competition currently exists. By targeting its downloads towards mobile gambling only, it allows the company the ability to provide absolute curation with comprehensive ranking, promotion and integrated payment processing.