Simply put, Real Money Slots is about slot machines, but it is also about the people that love them. We are pokie fanatics ourselves, and we created this site to appeal to our fellow countrymen, as Australians love pokies more than anyone else. Australia is a country that is obsessed with gambling in most of its forms. Horse racing, sports betting, blackjack, poker and more have been played and adored by generations of Aussies, but pokies are where the hearts of many Australian gamblers lie. Those flashing lights, pinging sounds and tempting jackpots draw in more players than all other forms of gambling put together. Americans love their card games, with blackjack and poker often topping the bill; New Zealanders and Canadians love their lotteries, risking very little to win it all; the British adore horse racing and soccer, with bookmakers like SkyBet and Bet365 ruling the waves; and the majority of Asia is tied up in the up-and-down world of betting exchanges; for Australians it has always been about pokies, a fascination that has bordered on an obsession for many years, and looks like it will continue to do so for many more years.

This fascination is not unique to Australia, as these machines are loved all over the world, but the dominance that they have in this country is unique. Australia is the home of the pokie, and at Real Money Slots it is our goal to be the home of the online pokies.

Ever since the dawn of the internet age, when people all over the world flooded onto this new platform to learn, play and socialise, online slot machines have played an important role in the lives of gamblers everywhere. Although there are a vast number of slots out there, and an equal number of online casinos advertising them, the majority of them come from just a few developers. Companies like Microgaming and Playtech have been at the head of this market for many years, creating software that they then lease to websites, meaning that gambling behemoths such as Bet365 end up using the same slot machines and the same table games as much smaller rivals.

This is a huge market, and one that makes those at the top billions of dollars every year; it’s one of the richest industries in the world when done right, but there are still those that do it completely wrong. There are sites that operate without secured servers, sites that operate with low quality and even “rigged” software, and there are sites that simply refuse to let players withdraw. These are blights on what is otherwise a flawless industry, and one of our many goals is to single these sites out and to make sure that you, the player, never falls under their spell. All of the sites we recommend have not only been joined and played extensively by ourselves, but they have also been checked thoroughly. We never recommend sites that don’t use the latest in online security; we never recommend sites that don’t use the best and the most secure software; we never recommend sites that have a record of refusing to pay their customers; we never recommend sites that don’t audit their software regularly; and we certainly never recommend sites that don’t understand that the customer is always king.

Real Money Slots looks at online slot machines in all of their forms, from video poker to bonus slots and progressive slots. We have searched the best software to find the best slots, the ones that have the highest payout percentages, the best bonus rounds and the best features. We look at playability, and whether these slots are worth your time and your money. We also look at the best websites to play these slots, the ones that offer the best deposit bonuses, the best loyalty schemes and the best banking options. There is a world of websites out there all vying for your hard-earned dollar’ the online casino market has never been more saturated and more competitive, and that means that as the consumer you are king. You have the choice, the power to take only the best deposit bonuses from the most trusted sites, and at Real Money Slots we make it our goal to help you find those sites.

Our writers do all of the work, which means that when it comes to finding the best places to play, you just need to glance over our many articles and then pick the one that best suits you. We are an affiliate site, but we are unique in the sense that we are not biased. We operate in a different way to our competitors. Rather than joining the best affiliate programs and then advertising them through “review” articles, we review the best sites and then try to join them as an affiliate. If they don’t take us, then we’ll still recommend them, if they do, then we can earn a little income for our troubles. If you want more information on how we operate, feel free to check out our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy.

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