The Safest Pokies in 2016

Reviewing the best of this year’s most popular gaming brands, our editors were able to select the best according to various factors such as safety, integrity and cash-out speeds. Our 2016 selection offers a great choice to prospective players, quick payments, and some of the most advanced graphics and game-play available at the moment.

Last year, Spain’s iGaming regulators announced they were working towards the addition of online slots to the existing menu of internet gambling options in the region. Such efforts finally went into effect earlier this year, and according to the latest reports, the results have been positive all around. At the start of June 2015,…

Pokies, poker machines, slots, slot machines, one-armed-bandits, fruit machines — whatever you call them, if these machines play a big part in your life, then Real Money Slots is the only home you will ever need. At Real Money Slots we have dedicated our time to finding the best slot machines and the best online casinos, passing on that information to our pokie-obsessed readers. We are slot machine fanatics ourselves, hooked on progressive jackpots, stacked wilds and all the tempting beauty that these machines can bring, and we know that our readers feel the same way.

This is an exciting time to be a slot machine fan, as there are more games than ever. From the free games you can download from the Google Play or Apple App store, to FaceBook games and PC games, and to real-money casino games that utilise high-tech software, there are more options than ever before. Not all of these are viable though, and in such a saturated market you’re bound to find low quality games and sites, not to mention ones that are only after your money. We have therefore made it our goal to separate the wheat from the chaff, to let you know which games you should be playing and which sites you should be playing them on. We will also seek out the games that offer the best bang for your buck, the ones that have the best graphics, the best wilds, the best bonus rounds and the most enticing progressive jackpots.The Real Money Slots website is run by a few people, all of which are huge fans of slot machines, and each day we take it upon ourselves to play as many games as we can. Collectively we have played thousands of slot machines, both online and offline, and we have joined dozens and dozens of websites. We have gathered a huge amount of information and we will continue to do so, whilst using the Real Money Slots website to feed all of that information back to you, the reader.This site is aimed towards readers in Australia, which has been the home of slot machines for many years. A significant percentage of the world’s slot machines are located in Australia, and although that comes as a surprise to many, it is no surprise to Australians. These machines are everywhere, from casinos and pubs, to hotels and restaurants. In 2009 it was estimated that 7 out of ten Australians participated in some form of gambling, and the vast majority of that was slot machines, known as “pokies”. In fact, of the $19 billion that was gambled away by Aussies in the same year, $12 billion of it was spent on pokies.

For many Australians slot machines are an art form, they are more than an occasional treat, more than a weekend gamble. That may not sound healthy, and that is probably the reason why Australia has such a problem with gambling addiction, but moderation is everything and for many regular players addiction is not a problem. The online gambling laws in Australia, like the online gambling laws in many countries, are not cut and dry. At the moment, it is legal to gamble online in Australia and Australians can play on most sites, but for some there is a grey area and there are sites that don’t accept Australian players. There are also some states, such as Western Australia, where pokies are illegal in pubs, clubs and other such venues.

For fans of pokies in Australia, this can be very confusing, but as Australians ourselves, we aim to make things simple. We will do the legwork, making sure that all the sites we review accept players from Australia, whilst also offering the latest news on the online gambling laws in the country. Some players feel that a change is coming, and if it does we’ll be sure to report it and let our readers know if and how it effects them. In the meantime, if a site is recommend on Real Money Slots, we can assure you that it will be legal for players from Australia, at least until we say otherwise.

Real Money Slots isn’t entirely exclusively to players from Australia though. Slot machines, whether they’re online or offline, video poker or reel slots, can be enjoyed by players from all over the world, so we have tried to create a website that can do the same. If you have a passion for these machines, then Real Money Slots can help you to learn more about them. If you come from a country that has strict laws against online gambling, such as the United States, then we advise you to double check before joining any of the sites that we recommend, but other than that, there is nothing stopping you from reading our reviews and taking our advice, all of which is impartial.

All Round Best Pokies Brand


Royal Vegas Australia shines like a real star. Its brightness comes from its promotions, its quality of software, its stellar service, and the progressive jackpots which are the real shooting stars of this brand. Highly recommended and safe to deposit and cashout.


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